“I’ve had the amazing opportunity to have a weekend getaway with my bestie, with services provided by Bev. The services we were pampered with included Reiki, Reflexology, massage, Indian Head massage, and Body Talk. I am new to most of these types of services but went into each with an open mind. I thoroughly enjoyed them all! It’s hard to pick a favorite, as I was able to come away feeling amazing after each, but I do have to say that the Indian Head massage was incredible and really surprised me.

Trina S.

“I have had the great fortune to experience a number of the amazing services provided by Bev. Indian Head massage, Reiki, Reflexology and therapeutic massages to name a few. Bev has a natural and spiritual gift to help you release all daily stresses while relieving any physical discomfort you may have. Bev has an amazing and calming feel to her practice and is exceptional at what she does. She is so in-tune with the human body in such a deep way, you experience each treatment to its fullest. I personally take her treatments to a new level each and every-time she performs them on me. Bev is a professional, and a true nurturer and I can hardly wait until my next appointment.

Kendall J.


“Bev is a fine person and a sensitive and gifted healer. Her open smile and warm welcoming way drew me easily in. She puts me at ease every time I see her. ┬áJust being in her presence is healing.”

“Bev is a kind and empathetic healer. I have received many sessions of Reiki from her, and I never cease to be amazed at how powerful and yet how gentle it is at the same time. Very soothing and healing!”

Receiving Reflexology from Bev is an unbelievable treat! She seems to know just where the “sweet spots” are, and just how much pressure to put on them to bring relief. I always feel energized after I see her!”

“I find receiving a head massage from Bev helps me to destress. My scalp, neck and shoulder area tighten up under stress which limits my neck mobility. I also suffer from stress headaches. After a visit with Bev, I feel refreshed and relaxed. ”